Haip!!!,My Name is Atasha Nabila binti Haron.Im 20 years old now.Im not kind of rich person.Im the 1st children.My father had passed away 2 years ago.He is the reason why i be like this.Why i love photography,started from him.The tragedy.But its not the tragedy actually,its about starting new life.My life..What i should be.I love him..

What is 'Photography' ?

Photography is about the process of recording pictures by means of capturing light on a light sensitive medium such as sensor or film.'Phos' means light while 'Graphics' means drawing and together meaning "Drawing with Light'..It not just that.Its about understanding and love the subject before capturing..Feels it..That the result is = the best!!
Here i share all my artwork.I am not gonna say that my artwork is the best but for me,now,its the best.From days to days,month to month,i try to improve it.Take a look..There some experience i'll share..Funny,Sad and maybe cool..enjoyed it!! ^.^

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Shooting tengah2 panas terik,SUNBURN!!!

Try to make framing.

Sebuah rumah ditengah2 sawah.Menggambarkan usaha dan kepayahan.Melahirkan sikap menghargai.Bgaimana mereka bersusah payah membanting tulang menjaga setiap padi dalam keadaan yang baik untuk kita menambah tenaga tiaphari.Untuk hidup.Beras adalah makanan yang paling utama dalam kehidupan.

Choosen for "1 THOUSAND STORY" exebition in sem 1

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